Parent support for anorexia

Anorexia has crept into your child's and your family's life.

You can't tell exactly when it started. Anorexia destroys everything. Slowly but surely. Feelings, family relationships, friendships, hobbies, the joy of life. Weight and mood keep dropping. Life seems increasingly like a bad movie, normal communication is no longer possible. With your own child suffering from anorexia, you initially stand there ignorant and helpless, cannot find any answers, and run from doctor to doctor. Or look for answers in books in libraries. The internet is full of information but offers no actual cure. No real solutions. No help. In some cases, inpatient admission is still the only right step for the moment. So what can you actually do?

I want to support you in fighting your child's anorexia. You know what your child actually needs: food. It has to put on weight again. Your common sense tells you that. But you don't know how to get your child to eat.

There is a solution to your situation. It's called FBT.

Treatment takes place at home. I applied it myself, lived through it, suffered through it. I would like to introduce you to this method. I would like to accompany you and your family on this path.

FBT stands for "family based treatment" and is hardly known in Switzerland as a method for treating anorexia. However: In much of the world, FBT has been used very successfully as the standard method of treating eating disorders for over 30 years. There are now many comparative studies proving its effectiveness. And it is more successful than any other known treatment method for this disease. Why this treatment method is not known and used in German-speaking countries is an absolute mystery, and not only to me. The first pilot tests are currently being carried out in Swiss and German clinics, and a large-scale pilot study is currently being carried out at the Charité in Berlin aiming to evaluate and promote the method and to obtain general health insurance approval. I myself have already met many parents who found their way to FBT and who were suddenly able to help their child effectively and sustainably. My goal is to give you access to this treatment method so that you can give your child the help they need. Now.


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